The Monte Alburchia olive grove is located in contrada Casalgiordano, in an area that includes the municipalities of Gangi and Blufi, in the province of Palermo. The olive grove is located at the foot of Monte Alburchia, known as the “enchanted mountain”, in a mountainous area about 550 metres above sea level, which allows – with hot days and cold nights – the best expression of the Biancolilla oil cultivar. The plants are spread over an area of about 5 hectares that boasts a rare biological integrity: since 1970, the year of its planting, no chemical products have ever been used.


Not all olive cultivars are suitable for the mountain climate, but some of these have been selected over time for the Madonie climate and our Biancolilla, grown at 600 m a.s.l. takes full advantage of the altitude. Here our olive grove is cultivated without chemicals, without mechanization but only by labor treated with respect. The result is a delicate and fruity organic extra virgin olive oil, produced from a typically Sicilian plant, therefore, it incorporates different aromas characteristic of our land, such as tomato and almond.

What are polyphenols used for?

They are molecules with recognized highly antioxidant properties as reported in numerous scientific studies. The daily use of organic extra virgin olive oil with a high polyphenol content protects us from damage caused by free radicals, cardiovascular and liver diseases, reduces bad cholesterol (LDL), stimulates the immune system by lowering inflammation and the risk of developing cancer. Finally it keeps us young and happy!